Road To Recovery

Bill was initially referred to the service for support to enable him to access hospital and dental appointments, he also wanted help to access recovery initiatives across the North East.

Bill’s Journey with GEAAP

After an initial positive, linking in with and attending a range of medical appointments, he managed a period of abstinence before sadly, relapsing back to problematic alcohol use.

The service continued to offer support linking him into counselling at GEAAP as well as helping him access a stay in residential rehabilitation at Phoenix Futures. The service continued to maintain contact throughout his stay at Phoenix and when he came out Bill was supported to access a range of recovery initiatives across the North East including Sunday Social.

He has now been abstinent for several months and is volunteering at the Sunday Social where he was first supported to attend himself. He has also just signed up to become a Peer Mentor volunteer and recently went trough the Disclosure Scotland process.

Bill credits the service with not only helping him to deal with his own alcohol use but giving him the opportunity to help and support others.

Need Some Advice?

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Need Some Advice?

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