About our Alcohol Support Group for Women

GEAAP’s Woman’s Group provides women from the North East of Glasgow the opportunity to attend weekly support group meetings inviting them to partake in a wide range of activities.

Alcohol Support Group Meetings

The GEAAP Woman’s Alcohol Support Group is for women from a range of diverse backgrounds, with many facing personal challenges such as: addiction issues, loneliness, poverty, physical and mental health issues, relationship difficulties, stress or low self-esteem.

Through group activities the women gain confidence through developing new skills, socialise to make new friends and form a strong network of support for one another. It is a chance for the women to be surrounded by a friendly network of people, which can help each member move forward with their personal issues. It acts as a form of escapism from their daily lives.

Weekly Meet-Up

The weekly meet-up of the alcohol support group involves having lunch and is led by local women who share their own experiences as well as invited tutors who provide specialised knowledge and skills. The group provides each of the women with personal time to strengthen self-worth, self-esteem, increase confidence levels and socialisation skills.

Relaxed and Enjoyable

The alcohol support group activities are relaxed, enjoyable and all take place in a safe and secure environment.

The women all gain new knowledge and skills related to a wide range of issues and the reassuring feeling of being accepted has an overall impact on personal well-being & the intimate alcohol support group allows the women to form strong bonds with loneliness being reduced as problems are shared amongst one another. This aids in recovery and overall wellbeing for the members.


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A New Beginning

I felt safe to talk about my problems without fear and without being looked down on. I made real friends, women who didn’t judge me or blame.

  • Alcohol can lower your blood sugar levels, which can cause seizures.

  • Alcohol is associated with 33% of major trauma patients and 25% of all trauma patients.

  • Two in five (41%) of prisoners report being drunk at the time of their offence.

  • 71% of alcohol-related hospital stays were men.

  • Alcohol was a factor in 3,705 deaths in Scotland in 2015.

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Need Some Advice?

Do you have a question about our Woman’s Alcohol Support Group, or just need some advice? Click here to get in touch with the team.

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